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It’s wisely said that, “grapes love beautiful places” and wine tours are an absolute treat for wine connoisseurs, aficionado and enthusiasts alike. Not only do you get a chance to taste your favorite wines but you also learn the process of winemaking. Long Island wine tours are a great way to enjoy the beautiful lush green vineyards of Long Island.

Wine Tours Long Island at PartyLineLimo
Planning a wine tasting long island tours isn’t only about hiring a cheap party bus in Long Island and sipping some wine. It’s about the entire experience of enjoying your ride, feeling the beauty of your surroundings and tickling your taste buds.

Here are some tips to plan a wine tour that you’ll thoroughly love:

  1. Book in advance – Book your tour and your vehicle in advance. Last minute enquiries can lead to disappointment as wineries have limited availability.
  2. Book a vehicle – Tasting all those wines can get you a little tipsy. Plus, you’ll probably have to drive between wineries to get around. So it’s better to hire a vehicle and a have a designated driver.
  3. Start early – It’s better to start and reach early to avoid the crowd at the winery.  This will help you explore more and get one-on-one attention.
  4. Choosing the right winery – The largest wineries are the busiest and likely, least personal, so we recommend choosing one of those smaller, boutique wineries if you want to make your trip authentic and more memorable.
  5. Have a hearty meal – Before embarking on a wine tasting journey, it’s recommended to eat something to avoid getting tipsy. Make sure it’s not too spicy or over seasoned. Your taste buds should be neutral to understand the taste of the wines properly. Some wineries even have on-site restaurants and plan a menu that matches perfectly with their wines.
  6. Avoid too much cheese – Sometimes a tasting room offers cheese samples along with the wine tasting. Avoid eating too much so that it doesn’t alter your perception of the wine’s taste.

Just about every winery offers a warm and a friendly wine tasting experience. Have fun, ask questions, and taste all you can. Wine is meant to be shared and enjoyed, and what better place to do it than the winery itself with a scenic wine trail.


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We offer door to door pick-up and drop off services. Our airport concierge service also includes baggage claim greet staff; curbside greeting with luggage assistance; liaison for client and airline; security clearance for gate greeting and wheelchair assistance; assistance with seating assignments and cancelled flights.


Whether you book a party bus for a prom night, an event or a wedding, make sure to make the booking ahead of time, especially during the holiday and wedding season. Also consider the cancellation and reschedule policies to know what to expect if something unexpected comes up.


Bypass the crowds and traffic. Serving New York, New Jersey concert, sporting venues and theaters.


Prom Party Bus Long Island - PartyLineLimo
Make us your first choice for professional, reliable limousine service for your prom. Arrive at your prom safely and in high style with the help of Party Line Limousine. We make the extra effort to ensure Prom Night is one of the most memorable events of your life with our Prom Party Bus Long Island services.

We have the best amenities and top-quality equipment to make your evening a blast! Listen to the awesome sounds of your favorite songs while cruisin’ along in style and safety.


Parents, why worry about your teenager’s safety while traveling to and from the prom? Rest assured that your son or daughter is safe with our Prom Party Bus Long Island service and in good, responsible hands. Our professional, certified drivers will stay focused on their task to ensure a fun and enjoyable evening. You can relax and feel confident that we will pick them up and deliver them to your front door safely.

Alcohol or drugs will not be permitted or tolerated on this ride. Only non-alcoholic beverages will be served in the limousine for minors.